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No Pump Swamp Cooler Motor Wiring Diagram - the plug has been cut off the swamp cooler pump. after strippingthe wires to reconnect, it has come to mt attention that only 1 ofthe wires is.. Mar 20, 2013  · The ground pin of the swamp cooler water pump A/C plug pulled out when I unplugged it to lubricate it for the summer so I have to buy a replacement. The wiring of a swamp cooler is not complex but if you have never wired up a motor before, or feel uncomfortable with electricity, it is advisable to hire an el Basic Evaporator Switch wiring schematic..

Connecting the motor to 12/2 wire and a 6 position dial in an evaporative swamp cooler 0 Wiring a Replacement HVAC Blower Motor for an American Standard Heat Pump Air Handler. swamp cooler switch evaporative diagram control wiring plate. swamp cooler switch problems plate 6 position wiring,evaporative cooler switch wiring diagram swamp. No Pump Swamp Cooler Motor Wiring Diagram - Residential Electrical - how to wire a cooler with diagrams youtube rh youtube com 2 Speed Motor Wiring Diagram. Source. Swamp Cooler Wiring Diagram Cooler Wiring Diagrams Swamp Motor - swamp cooler wiring swamp cooler wire color codes two speed swamp cooler motor wiring ..

an evaporative cooler with a The water pump and purge pump motors/valves share the same electrical 7) Connect the wires in accordance with the wiring diagram on next page (wiring.. Jun 26, 2010  · Best Answer: Many evaporative coolers are controlled from three switches in your hall. To simplify the connections, get a rotary switch control and wire it in. You have your leads from the breaker box coming into the switch box, and leads running out of the switch box to the cooler, one set for the pump, one set (either 14-3 with ground or 12-3 with ground) to the motor as the motor is. PowerPak as per the wiring diagram below 6) Tidy up the wiring and ease the EziStat PowerPak Integrated Control “Pump” wire. Fan Motor does not work/No Fan High Speed and/or Fan Low Speed Operation Poor connection to Fan Slimline Wall Control Thermostat and 2-Speed Evaporative Cooler Control System.

We are having an issue getting the swamp cooler to go blow on low, we only have the high setting. I just checked the switch inside the house to the swamp cooler outside. We have 2 toggle switches which are on/off for the pump and on/off for the fan and a hi/lo rocker switch.. Wiring swamp cooler, wall has 3black,& 1white wire coming out, new switch has 1red wire,1orange wire,1yellow wire and 1black wire. Yellow is for water pump,black is power,red is for high speed,and orange is for low speed, not sure how to hook to the wall wires?Other 2 white wires have been wire nutted together and left in box.. There are no provisions for a two-speed motor or water pump. Wiring is basically the same as for the rotary switch. Power from the circuit breaker box is provided.

COOLER MOTORS EVAPORATIVE COOLER MOTORS cUPC Items 3 • All Copper* • High Efficiency • Single Phase Dial P/N Model Volts Amp Rating Shaft Dia. Ctn Wt Qty COPPERLINE™ REPLACEMENT MOTOR ALL COPPER WINDINGS – 56Z FRAME MOTOR ONLY, NO BASE. May 10, 2010  · I have a Mastercool 2 speed 1Hp 220 volt cooler with a low voltage Mastercool CC2000B therostat. The problem is the swing time once my house reaches temperature. High speed fan on evaporative cooler motor quit, leaving me with only low speed. Motor checked out o.k. at hardware store. I need a wiring diagram for a mastercool.

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